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Additional fees or charges

  • $15.00 per each additional day after 15 days.
  • $103.00 per additional ton
  • $175.00 solid waste/food waste price per ton (all solid waste tonnage is billed separately)
  • $175.00 overload – debris passed max capacity line.
  • $175.00 failed job – unable to deliver/remove dumpster due to blockage or other factors. If the job is unable to start within 15 mins of the driver’s arrival, it is considered to be a failed job.
  • $125.00 cancellation fee, no cancellations accepted without a 24-hour notice.
  • $100.00 every 15 mins – waiting time fee after initial 15 mins.
  • $125.00 fee will be applied if the driver needs to close the dumpster door at the time of pick up or exchange. If the driver cannot close it due to the dumpster being filled without the door being closed, the driver will need to fail the job, and a failed job fee of $175 will be billed.

if the clearance is found to be insufficient during the scheduled service, the client shall be liable for any additional costs, delays, or damages incurred by the dumpster company as a result of the inadequate clearance.
the client acknowledges that failure to provide the required clearance may result in the cancellation or rescheduling of the service, and additional fees may be applicable for any subsequent visits required to complete the job.
the client agrees to the above clearance requirement and acknowledges their responsibility for providing a suitable clearance of at least 20 feet for the truck to access the designated area

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